Nov 142015

As a sign to both sides, let us take down one small barrier and unite the Western and Muslim worlds under a new secular calendar.

Let the period Paris/Charlie to Friday the Thirteenth 2015 AD be a new year 0. We are now in the Year 1 AP (After Paris) and the time before Charlie would be 1 BP (Before Paris)

Mai 082015

I went to bed last night living the nightmare of David Cameron and the Conservatives being predicted to win the UK 2015 General Election. Woke up this morning to find that the nightmare will last another five years. I, like many others, thought that the exit polls must have been wrong based on a seemingly vanishingly small number of people asked (22,000 or about 35 per Seat) and the fact that the exit polls differed so dramatically to the pre-election polls.

But, let me look on the bright side. Those exit poll people have gotten fantastically good at the job. Predicting the outcome with such accuracy was unknown earlier. This is a testament to the science upon which the pollsters base their methods and predictions.