Dez 182011

A great and useful phrase.A modern form of the Arthur Conan Doyle phrase put into Sherlock Holmes‘ utterances „How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?“

However, it is often over used.  Here is the antidote:

Meme first seen by me on Anorak

Dez 122011

Great Film, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about 🙂 That’s just explaining whay I’m in Grumpy Old Man mode.

Anybody else *hate* the Google Mail „New Look“ and want to ram it down the throats of the designer committee „responsible“ for it? Listen Mr. Google, I’m in a Mail program which implies that I *can* read so, why take away all those easy to read words like „delete“ and replace them with some grey boxes that are supposed to look like a trash can? The worst thing about it is that the *admit* that it’s not obvious what the button does because they popup the text when you hover. *MAN* if you’d only put the text on the button, you wouldn’t need to do the bleeping Popup!

And, why the bleeping heck should an exclamation mark in a warning Sign mean „Report Spam“????? Haven’t these designers passed their driving test?

And then they admit, again, to the impoverishedness of their ideas and have a button which actually *says* „More“… hey guys n‘ gals if symbols are so great give me only symbols but better would be to just give me words all the time.

So, Rant Off!

Dez 112011

BBC News – UN climate talks end with late deal.

The BBC report appears to me to be more neutral than the n-tv piece but, Fact remains, the politicians are just looking out for number one (themselves.) They are leaving the real problem for their Successors and in the meantime they can invest the money they get from the tax payers in properties in areas that will *benefit* from the higher see levels. (Remember the piece in Superman where the baddy bought up all the land on the east side of the San Andreas Fault because his plot was to trigger the fault so that Califonia sunk into the sea leaving his land as the new seafront.)

Dez 112011



Erfolg oder „Greenwashing“?: Neuer Klimavertrag soll erst ab 2020 gelten –

Also, die Politikern haben es schon wieder bewiesen, die denken nur an sich. Neuer Klimavertrag soll erst ab 2020 gelten.

Der Politiker denkt „Wenn ich die Volk Sparmaßnahmen verordnen, werde ich abgewählt aber wenn ich nix tun, verliere ich ebenfalls Wähler. Also, ich überlasse das Problem meine Nachfolger und kauf mir Land und Häuser an Stellen wo das Wasser, so lange ich lebe, nicht hinkommt.“