Gran Torino

Great Film, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about 🙂 That’s just explaining whay I’m in Grumpy Old Man mode.

Anybody else *hate* the Google Mail „New Look“ and want to ram it down the throats of the designer committee „responsible“ for it? Listen Mr. Google, I’m in a Mail program which implies that I *can* read so, why take away all those easy to read words like „delete“ and replace them with some grey boxes that are supposed to look like a trash can? The worst thing about it is that the *admit* that it’s not obvious what the button does because they popup the text when you hover. *MAN* if you’d only put the text on the button, you wouldn’t need to do the bleeping Popup!

And, why the bleeping heck should an exclamation mark in a warning Sign mean „Report Spam“????? Haven’t these designers passed their driving test?

And then they admit, again, to the impoverishedness of their ideas and have a button which actually *says* „More“… hey guys n‘ gals if symbols are so great give me only symbols but better would be to just give me words all the time.

So, Rant Off!

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