Dez 122011

Great Film, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about 🙂 That’s just explaining whay I’m in Grumpy Old Man mode.

Anybody else *hate* the Google Mail „New Look“ and want to ram it down the throats of the designer committee „responsible“ for it? Listen Mr. Google, I’m in a Mail program which implies that I *can* read so, why take away all those easy to read words like „delete“ and replace them with some grey boxes that are supposed to look like a trash can? The worst thing about it is that the *admit* that it’s not obvious what the button does because they popup the text when you hover. *MAN* if you’d only put the text on the button, you wouldn’t need to do the bleeping Popup!

And, why the bleeping heck should an exclamation mark in a warning Sign mean „Report Spam“????? Haven’t these designers passed their driving test?

And then they admit, again, to the impoverishedness of their ideas and have a button which actually *says* „More“… hey guys n‘ gals if symbols are so great give me only symbols but better would be to just give me words all the time.

So, Rant Off!

Nov 232011


There’s a lot of different things on the Rumpus site and you won’t get it to fit in any of your normal shoeboxes or drawers.  Here’s a part of one of the newsletters,

Just a few more thoughts on Steve Jobs. He’s becoming something else, since his death. He died at just the right time for his legacy. The iPod, then iPhone, then iPad. Plus the Apple stores. At the end of the book Walter Isaacson wrote about Jobs‘ next step, the iCloud, or something like that. But he was also deeply involved in the new Apple Headquarters made with giant sheets of curved glass. I think his trajectory was probably headed in a different direction. What gets mentioned only briefly is that Jobs didn’t believe in philanthropy. He was also needlessly cruel. I think Jobs is becoming this icon because he continually ignored other people’s advice and so many of us want to think we intuitively know better than the people around us, that the only thing stopping us from becoming the next Steve Jobs is an unfortunate tendency to take other people seriously. I don’t know that that’s a good lesson.

Nov 122011

the System is out of date, instead of letting people view and listen to things AND making the providers (YouTube) cough up some of their advertising revenue to the Musicians, we get the GEMA telling us we can’t listen to the music…

Leider ist dieses Video in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, da es Musik enthalten könnte, für die die GEMA die erforderlichen Musikrechte nicht eingeräumt hat.

via Amor Amor – Nino – Buddah Bar II – YouTube.

So, I have no idea if I like the song, no idea if I would like to buy the song, and the performing artist gets absolutely NOTHING and no chance of getting anything.

What they should be doing (making sure that the artists get what they deserve for their work) is a laudable thing but, they’re not doing this, they’re just serving their own interests and should do the honourable thing by doing what all Dinosaurs have done…

Okt 302011

Dream Big « Pete Fecteau.

„I have a dream“, the man said. And so did Pete.

According to Fecteau, the impetus for the project came from a dream of his own: „I woke up from the dream and it was like I was on fire. I spend three hours that morning writing down the concept and brainstorming. When I stepped back I realized how bat-s*** crazy it was but there was something pushing me to make it a reality. Sometimes I don’t think I woke up from that dream. It still seems crazy.“