Nov 122011

the System is out of date, instead of letting people view and listen to things AND making the providers (YouTube) cough up some of their advertising revenue to the Musicians, we get the GEMA telling us we can’t listen to the music…

Leider ist dieses Video in Deutschland nicht verfügbar, da es Musik enthalten könnte, für die die GEMA die erforderlichen Musikrechte nicht eingeräumt hat.

via Amor Amor – Nino – Buddah Bar II – YouTube.

So, I have no idea if I like the song, no idea if I would like to buy the song, and the performing artist gets absolutely NOTHING and no chance of getting anything.

What they should be doing (making sure that the artists get what they deserve for their work) is a laudable thing but, they’re not doing this, they’re just serving their own interests and should do the honourable thing by doing what all Dinosaurs have done…

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