Dream Big « Pete Fecteau

Dream Big « Pete Fecteau. „I have a dream“, the man said. And so did Pete. According to Fecteau, the impetus for the project came from a dream of his own: „I woke up from the dream and it was like I was on fire. I spend three hours that morning writing down the concept… Dream Big « Pete Fecteau weiterlesen

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Windows Phone 7

It won’t come as much of a surprise to most people that I like Windows Phone 7 and with 7.5 (Mango de Mango en) it’s gotten better (on the whole.) In fact, as I’ve shown it to some of my nearest and dearest they have gone out and gotten themselves a Windows Phone 7. Now… Windows Phone 7 weiterlesen

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Rabbits and Headlights

It’s common knowledge (although perhaps just Urban Legend) that Rabbits when they see oncoming Headlights, they freeze… If this is because they believe they won’t be seen or if they just think „how come there are two suns today?“ we can’t know (yet) but there is a similar experience in Blogging. You get this idea… Rabbits and Headlights weiterlesen

Walking makes all kinds of stupid ideas look great

So on this particular day and on this particular walk, I decided to start (again) with a blog. This time replacing (although this was somewhat unintentional) our old, unfinished website.

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