Sep 252014

xkcd: Nerd Sniping.

The truck would have got me too. I just realised that i spent longer looking at the onepicture than I did the whole of the rest, and it’s still on my mind.

I’m not sure what to think of the fact that a physicist counts less than a mathematician. Is it a measure of value or inverse value. is it just so much easier to trap a physicist than a mathematician?

Arghhhhhhhh they got me again! That would have been the second truck!

Apr 142014

A very good freind of mine asked me if I’d like to go and see the Pirates of Penzance in German in Germany…

Theater Münster – Spielplan > Kalender > Die Piraten von Penzance.

Unfortunately, I am allergic to the sound of English songs performed in German. My symptoms aren’t like those of people allergic to apples or to peanuts but my stomach does tend at least try to evacuate itself. This is, of course, a psychosomatic effect as nothing that gets into my ears can be detected as a possible poison by my stomach.


Apr 092014

This is a line from Ian Rowland’s web site, specifically:

via Crassing Over With John Edward «

Wherein we also learn his „Golden Rules“ of which he says These should be carved in stone, and that stone should be dropped on the head of anyone who thinks they can successfully campaign against the spread of pseudo-science and psychic fables.“


Nov 122012

Persönliches Erleben ist die beste Erfahrung. Nach diesem Motto hackt Tobias Schrödel während seiner Show Handys seiner Zuhörer, nimmt »geheime« Dokumente auseinander und zeigt, wie und wo man sich mit der neusten Spy-Software versorgen kann. »Ich will mehr Bewusstsein im Umgang mit IT-Equipment schaffen«, erklärt der Comedy-Hacker und Sicherheitsexperte bei »Stern TV« und »Akte« im Interview bei Ferchau: