Jan 232012

Steve Jobs was a real stinker when it came to getting things right (right in his opinion) and there have been all kinds of things said about how Apple will go rotten when it’s core (SJ) is gone. It seems to me a particularly fitting confirmation that Steve Job’s Biography has been submitted to the kind of sloppy errors he would have abhorred:


The translators must have been under an awful lot of pressure, or be just plain bad, to make the simple mistake of confusing „Silicon“ as in the element and „Silicone“ as in, well, how can you put this other than… breast boosters… Yes, I know, Silicone is used for more than breast-implants but, Silicon Valley is where the computer companies are and Silicone Valley is, well, not.

One interpretation of „Silicon Valley“ would be that artificially enhanced divide between two silicone enlarged breasts, which, I suspect, is not where Steve Jobs was brought up.

Jan 042012

So, Mister Wulff… how much longer are you going to keep this charade going?

There are those who say that he’s only human, that humans make mistakes and, thus, logically, he’s allowed to make mistakes. If this were true however, anyone could be President and clearly this is not the case.

Bill Clinton also made mistakes. He did not have to go because his mistakes were of the kind men make with women and they clearly could not and would not affect his ability to be and to be accepted worldwide as President (for better or for worse.)

Chritian Wulff however has made, and continues to make, mistakes which are untenable in his position and hurt the image of the position of President in Germany and the world.