Am 27. November entscheiden Sie! – Die Volksabstimmung über das S 21-Kündigungsgesetz

Am 27. November entscheiden Sie! – Die Volksabstimmung über das S 21-Kündigungsgesetz.

Absolute Classic German beaurocracy.

first of all, when the subject sounds like it might be „are you in favour of Stuttgart 21“ they actually make the question… „Are you in favour of creating a law which says that the law which allows us to get out of the stuttgart21 business should be acted upon.“ So, if you’re not confused enough already, the correct answer to the second question, if you answered yes to the first question is, no.

Then they send this leaflet to all Households to make the whole thing clear. By „Why you should answer yes“ there’s a point which says „yes, it will cost us to get out but this will be maximum 350 Million Euros“ and in the „Why you should say no“ there#s a point which says „the Bahn says that if we back out of stuttgart21 then they will try to make us pay 1500 Million“.

The whole booklet looks/reads like it’s been written by somebody who doesn’t want Stuttgart 21 to happen… If there weren’t these two small details, 1. making it so complicated to understand which answer you really should tick will probably make people not turn out to vote and so Quorum will probably not be reached.  2. The booklet doesn’t say what will happen if the Quorum is not reached but I suspect it will mean *nothing* will change and Stuttgart 21 will go ahead.

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