Long time no Post… Short time fewer Politicians?

So, it’s time to post two things together, two things which don’t belong together but can be made to segue nicely:

I was looking up the term schavanplag as I happen to know a couple of people who would quite like to see this particular politician take a fall. It is claimed that this „minister for Education“ was somewhat less than forthcoming about her sources.

While looking for the site I came across another site which lists an eye-opening long list of politicians that have had their Doctor Title removed due to failings in citations (the usual word for this act is „plagiarism“ but I am in no position to say if the word can and/or should be used for the people on the list.)

So, If you would like a Doctor Title, or to become a politician, then read this text:


If you can understand about a half of it (no more, no less) then you are indeed in good shape to write a doctor thesis and as long as you don’t stick your head up out of the crowd too far no one will try to chop it off for you.

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