Nov 092012

This is a beautiful piece of work. My interpretation… people who live further apart from other people are more likely to vote Republican, people who live closer to other people are more likely to vote Democrat.

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  1. Many voting ballots allow a voter to “blanket vote” for all candidates in a particular political party or to select individual candidates on a line by line voting system. Which candidates appear on the voting ticket is determined through a legal process known as ballot access . Usually, the size of the candidate’s political party and the results of the major nomination conventions determine who is pre-listed on the presidential ballot. Thus, the presidential election ticket will not list every candidate running for President, but only those who have secured a major party nomination or whose size of their political party warrants having been formally listed. Laws are in effect to have other candidates pre-listed on a ticket, provided that enough voters have endorsed the candidate, usually through a signature list.

    • I suspect this is really a piece of advertising (I apologise if it is not) and even though it’s not directly on topic, I’m allowing this comment as it provides some details of the system which I was not aware of.

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