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I was in the bar of the place I stay overnight during the week while contracting and, this being election week in Germany, the place was full (well, one large table was full) of people loudly proclaiming their superior knowledge of politics and the state of the world.

From-time-to-time one person would manage to say something loud and provocative enough to still te others but mostly it was everyone talking and listening to themselves at a volume which was probably just below that which would have given those people a hoarse voice the next day..

There were of course a lot of old-hat, long disproved, theories of economics and politics presented as something new. The honest ones said they had read about their topic in some (usually undefined) place whereas others presented their ”knowledge” as inate or obvious to every child.

Now I know how I sound when I’m sounding off about something I *think* I know about…

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